Meet my Emmitt & Archie
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Watch The Movie:  Emmitt and the Piggy  Fun Video!  Emmitt & The Piggy
See and hear Emmitt sing to his favorite toy!

Emmitt in his "Have a Heart" Pug Rescue Necklace - April 2007

Emmitt was born in Fort Lupton, CO August 1, 1996.
We brought him home when he was 8 weeks old and just 5 pounds. He has been filling our lives with love and laughter ever since.
We are so lucky to have him!

February 17, 2011 ~ Our sweet Emmitt made his transition to heaven today. He was 14.5 years young. :)

He wrote a beautiful blog post for all of us to let us know that he is happy and now "Over the Rainbow" ~ All is Well.

He wants us to celebrate his magical life with him.
Please enjoy his new video and get ready to smile!

Emmitt and everyone we love in heaven are always only a SMILE away.

Melissa & Archie - May 2011

March 26, 2011
~ Fred & I are so excited to introduce you to baby Archie.

Emmitt had his loving paws in the mix when he helped guide us to this wonderful puggy to fill our lives with love and laughter.

Witness the video we took of Archie meeting us for the first time!

He sat right down and threw his head back in song just like Emmitt used to do!  I think Angel Emmitt was saying "This is him! This is him! This is the little puggy I picked out for you!"

I invite you to join in the fun and watch Archie grow up on my blog...Life is Art...Art is Life !


Emmitt touches the lives of others by just being himself...

"The Pug Pay it Forward"

Melissa, I always get compliments on your pug items and appreciation when I give them as gifts. Think of this story as "The Pug Pay it Forward". I first met you at the Boulder Dog Park where Emmitt was eating Cheerios from the pond. After meeting him, I so wanted a pug. Later, we got our pug, Bogart. My sister-in-law met him and got a black one. Then, Bogart got out one day and wandered to the recreation center, where a nice woman and her kids watched him all day until I got home. They loved him so much that they got one and named him Cheerio. Finally, friends of mine who dog sit for Bogart got a pug too. Funny how those puggies get into your heart... Sara P. Erie, CO

Pug A Bee Pumpkin Pug Hello, My name is Emmitt!
Emmitt & Melissa 1998 Emmitt on his favorite seat. Concentration!
My mouth is a perfect O! I know there is food up there! Oh My...Look at me!
Emmitt at the Flatirons -  Boulder, CO Emmitt & Fred Halloween 2000 - Ballerina Pug
Emmitt learns to swim. Fishing for floating Cheerios. Play with me!
October 2003 Yay! It's time for dinner! Yum! Everthing tastes good!
Super Pug to the rescue! Halloween 2001 Halloween 2002 - Bat Pug
Halloween 2003 - Pirate Pug Hanging out in the park. Halloween 2005 - Hotdog Pug
Emmitt & Fred - Steamboat, CO 2005 Emmitt & Melissa - Steamboat, CO 2005  Feb. 2006
Pug sneeze - July 2006 September 2006  Emmitt and his pug tag.
Relaxing - July 2006  September 2006   March 2007
Halloween 2006 Halloween 2006 - Piggy Pug   Sing! 2007
April 2007 - Pawty!  Smile! 2007  Halloween 2007 - Cow
Emmitt & Melissa August 2007 August 2007 Halloween 2007 - Lobster 
Emmitt & Moe - Lobster Fest 2007  Dapper Pug - Halloween 2008  Emmitt and his Bear -  November 2008